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Nursery Photography

Nursery photo days made easier!

I offer high quality photo days to nurseries in central and greater London.

By interacting and playing with the children I aim to get the best out of them through play rather than instructing them to smile.

Parents are often blown away by the images they can purchase and will even order very large wall prints to display them.

My mission is to deliver studio quality photography in the nursery setting, whilst minimising the work for nursery staff.

My photo days at nurseries can enhance overall customer service experience for parents. Not only do they provide an opportunity for parents to have lasting memories of their child’s time at the nursery but they also support the nursery’s commitment to capturing and preserving special moments for families.

I provide posters to advertise your photo day to parents

Parents can purchase digital images and fine art prints direct from me

If you are interested in booking a photo day please get in touch. I will provide you with DBS, risk assessment and PL insurance details and I will also do the majority of the administration for the session so the burden on nursery staff is as minimal as possible.

I need a space of around 4x3m with power sockets available and preferably no or little natural light (blinds or curtains on the windows is fine) where i can set up and spend the day. Your nursery will need to have a minimum of 40 children on the register and i will provide a permission link for parents to sign their child up.

I am able to complete around 40 children in the morning and again in the afternoon, if your nursery is very big (100+) we would need to do it over 2 days.

If you would like to book a photo day or discuss further, please email me to or call me on 07915 607338.